sipgate API

The sipgate API enables you to use central sipgate functions within your own software or web projects.

On this page you will find extensive documentation of the sipgate API and corresponding examples for API usage in a number of programming languages.

The sipgate API is provided free of charge and can be used with every sipgate Account.

Note: Please note that the sipgate API cannot be used by sipgate Team customers. The support will be offered through the 'sipgate API developers mailing list' and not by the sipgate support technicians.

German version of this page

sipgate API description of operation (PDF)

sipgate API Perl Examples

Consists of two simple examples for sending fax and text messages to any phone number directly from your server. Written in Perl.

sipgate API .NET SDK

The sipgate API .NET SDK provides you with well documented VoIP libraries for software development in Microsoft's .NET programming languages.
sipgate API SDK libraries
extensive documentation

sipgate PowerShell Extension

Integrates sipgate API into Windows PowerShell.

sipgate API Example: KDE Kicker

This little programm integrates sipgate functions into the popular graphical user interface for linux systems KDE.

sipgate FFX - sipgate Firefox Extension

An extension for the popular free webbrowser Mozilla Firefox.

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