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Frequently Asked Questions:

Does sipgate offer custom phone numbers?

One UK phone number is provided with your sipgate basic residential account.

Custom or vanity numbers are not offered with the sipgate basic service.

International phone numbers are available with our sipgate team business service. For full information, please click here.

Can I keep my existing telephone number and move it over to sipgate (e.g. from BT)?

It's not possible to port your existing number to a sipgate basic account.

To port numbers to the sipgate Team service please see our sipgate Team Help Centre.

Do I have access to Emergency Services by dialling 999 or 112?

To contact UK emergency services from your sipgate account, you must first enter and activate your emergency location in your online account Settings. Please be sure to submit your correct and valid UK address as foreign addresses are not accepted.

Otherwise, calls to UK Emergency Services will not be possible and could put you and your loved ones in jeopardy should an emergency occur.

Can I list my sipgate number in the local telephone book?

No, unfortunately it is not possible to publish your number for regulatory reasons.