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Say hello to simplicity

View and configure your routing in one place. Your set up goes live immediately. Foolproof.

Done right the first time

Recognize immediately when a route isn’t complete or doesn’t ring at your desired destination.

More time for important things

Create and edit your routing whenever, wherever, all without customer support, so you save valuable time.

Choose a phone number

Select numbers from your phone number pool and route them to your desired destination.

Add devices

Assign destinations to your phone numbers and extensions - whether they’re VOIP phones, mobile devices, softphones or external phones.

Set up forwarding

Decide how long a call will ring at a destination, how many employees will be rung, and if the call will be forwarded to a voicemail.

Still have questions?

Our Visual Routing is very intuitive for administrators and users, but everyone needs help sometimes. You can find a detailed article on how to use Visual Routing in our help centre.
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