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Get started making calls right away

Sign up now, configure your SIP-compliant phone and start making calls immediately. Don’t have one? Then just download our free software to get you started. Have a laptop? sipgate softphone will let you make and receive calls in wireless networks, such as in a hotel or at a conference, at super–low sipgate rates. It’ll even give you access to all the contacts you saved online. Start making calls with the click of a button.

Call forwarding – always available

Call forwarding follows the schedule that you want it to. Regardless of it being a weekend, Tuesday evening, or Wednesday from 12 to 12:30 – you decide when call forwarding should be active. sipgate additionally offers situation based call forwarding for multiple scenarios: Are you in the office but unavailable? Forward calls directly to your mobile phone. Are you in a meeting? Forward calls directly to a colleague directly from your phone’s browser. Should your colleague not be available, the call can be forwarded to a voicemail. But stay flexible – your call forwarding settings can be changed at any time.

Phone numbers for all purposes

Need a new number? No problem, with sipgate you don’t need to wait for a technician and pay unnecessary connection fees. You can pick phone numbers from any area code within the UK – even if you don’t have an office there.

Your phone numbers are active as soon as you book them, you’re available immediately. And best of all: Your first sipgate number is free of charge. If you need additional numbers, more are just a few clicks away. You can add single phone numbers or blocks of phone numbers anytime.

Parallel calling

Have multiple phones ring in parallel, for example your office and mobile phone. Pick up wherever you are and don’t miss that important phone call. Ever.

sipgate grows with you

Want a second number? Click. A new member of the company needs an extension? Click. Need to set up a phone for that new marketing guy? Click. You can add literally add anything with the click of a mouse: phone numbers, users, faxes, voicemails, call groups, auto attendants – you name it! There’s now no need to call IT.

Emergency Calling

sipgate provides 999 emergency services access throughout the mainland UK (England, Wales, Scotland and N. Ireland). Always make sure you let sipgate know the physical location of your phone. You will be prompted to provide your address information during sign-up. If this address is not accurate or if you move to another location, even temporarily, you must update your location on our website. If your UK address location is not accurately listed on record, emergency services will be unable to locate you if you are not able to tell them your address or if you are disconnected.

So yes: sipgate provides emergency service, but we rely solely on the information you provide us with. Please, don’t put yourself or your loved ones in danger.

Flexible Call Handling

sipgate is a virtual phone system packed with great features. This gives you the power to easily customise your call handling to any situation. You’ll love sipgate’s flexible call handling and useful routing options. Incoming calls can be routed to: home phones, mobile phones, voicemail, custom recordings, and/or Auto-attendants.

Secure & Reliable

We know. It’s all about uptime. That’s why we run a cloud in the cloud: a distributed datacenter with 200+ servers. All your call lists, faxes, voicemails and recordings will be stored securely online. So you don’t need to worry about backups anymore.

If broadband outage was the reason that stopped you from switching to VoIP until now, it’s time to rethink. With Parallel Calling you won’t miss any calls! Just take them on your mobile while your provider’s technicians swarm out to reboot that legacy switch.

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Landline, SMS, fax, and much more – sipgate is everything in one or just what you need. Not like conventional telephony systems, with sipgate everything is online, immediate, and without complicated installations.

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