Call Queuing

The professional call queue for your telephony

How do call queues work?

You can set up a Call Queue for each Group in your Account. Once a Call Queue has been set up for a Group, incoming calls are queued if all of the Group’s members are busy. The caller will be diverted to the first member of the Group who becomes available.

Easy setup

A Call Queue can be activated for an existing Group (such as Support) in sipgate with one click. You can then upload your own on-hold music or greeting.

More Pro Features

Call Queuing is part of sipgate’s Pro Package. As well as Call Queues, the Pro Package currently includes Presence (Busy Lamps) and the IVR, with more features in development.

sipgate includes call queues

Landline, web fax, sms, and much more – sipgate is everything or just what you need it to be. We’re not your conventional telephony provider, with sipgate everything is online, immediate and without complicated installations. Call queues are just one of over 150 valuable features available with sipgate.

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