Presence - Busy Lamps (BLF)

Better call management for your telephony

How presence works

If your colleague is currently on a call, the relevant busy lamp will be lit. If he is being called, but has not yet picked up, then the lamp will blink. Incoming calls can be picked up from another headset by lifting the handset and pressing the relevant lamp for that colleague.

Busy lamps on your phone

The Presence feature enables the busy lamps on popular phones from Snom, Gigaset, Grandstream, Yealink, Tiptel and Cisco / Linksys SPA. You can also use phones from different manufacturers, and different models, at the same time. Our extensive help guides for individual VoIP phones will assist you in getting presence set up with sipgate.

Busy lamps on your phone

Presence is part of sipgate’s Pro Package. As well as Presence,
the Pro Package currently includes Call Queues and the IVR, with more features in development.

sipgate includes Presence

Landline, web fax, sms, and much more – sipgate is everything or just what you need it to be. We’re not your conventional telephony provider, with sipgate everything is online, immediate and without complicated installations. Presence (BLF) is just one of over 150 valuable features available with sipgate.

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