Plug & Play

With Plug & Play – also known as auto-provisioning or remote setup – makes setting up and registering your VOIP phones easier than ever.

With Plug & Play, you can

  • Save time by configuring several telephones at the same time
  • Register and maintain device connectivity regardless of location
  • Automatically assign users to phones without any extra work

To use Plug & Play, all you’ll need is your device’s MAC address. This can be found on the packaging or the back of the phone. Within your sipgate account’s Account Administration settings, connections for phones can be created based on their MAC addresses and then assigned to a User. When the phone is connected to the internet, it will automatically receive a configuration file – and voila, the phone is ready to go within minutes, without any clicking around or extra work. This means that physically handling phones prior to setup isn’t necessary to connect them to your account – phones can be delivered directly to their new location.

Plug & Play is currently only available for SNOM devices.

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