Say hello to our new teammate - the sipgate softphone

Make phone calls with your desk phone, mobile phone, and now your computer with sipgate’s softphone. Try for free Download now

Made by sipgate

sipgate’s softphone is developed exclusively by sipgate. It integrates seamlessly into sipgate and thus ensures full compatibility with all your telephone system functions.


sipgate’s softphone is pre-configured with your telephony data – no manual setup is required. Simply download, log in and start making calls.

No extra costs

sipgate’s softphone is free to use, no matter which sipgate plan you’ve booked. Our call rates are standard across all devices registered to your account.

Features at a glance

  1. Click2dial calls initiated directly from your event list

  2. Automated tel-URI-recognition

  3. Access to all your sipgate contacts

  4. Receive regular softphone updates

  5. Autoprovisioned with your configuration

  6. Comfort features with a click

Three easy steps to your softphone

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Download

    Install the sipgate softphone for Mac, Windows or Linux on your PC or laptop.


  2. Log in

    Log in to your sipgate account using the softphone. The configuration is done automatically. The softphone provides autoprovisioning with the first phone created.

  3. Make a call

    You’re now ready to go: start making calls from your sipgate account right away. Just type in a telephone number and click dial. Standard call rates apply.

For Windows, macOS und Linux devices

With your computer or notebook, you can easily make calls using the internal microphone and speakers. It is even more comfortable with a suitable headset. The sipgate softphone is compatible with all major operating systems: Windows, macOS and Linux. Simply download and install sipgate’s softphone and link it to your sipgate account. You can make calls with any of your VoIP phones without any configuration.

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