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Event List, CRM integrations, - these three features make your workday more efficient through your telephony. Try for free

Event List: your call history, but better

Incoming and outgoing calls, voicemail messages and outbound SMS – your Event List holds all the important information about your communication from the last six months, visible only to you, the user. Each “event” can be archived and edited by you as well. Users can also create detailed contacts by clicking any inbound communication events.

Telephony functionality 
in your CRM

Answer, start, or end calls no matter where you are from directly within your CRM. Benefit from easy 1-click integration and automatic updates. Create tickets or notes during or after a call. Keep track of them with a detailed call history. Our integrations work with Salesforce, HubSpot, Zendesk and many more systems. your sipgate construction kit

Our API offers endless ways to personalize your telephony.

  1. Statistics

    Optimize your company's workflow with detailed, customized real-time insights into your phone statistics.

  2. Calls, SMS

    Program custom responses to calls or automate the sending and receiving SMS.

  3. Integrations

    In addition to our pre-built CRM integrations, you can also program your own solutions for your individual set-up.

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