Voicemail for Businesses

Feature-rich voice messaging

More than just an answerphone

Ever had the answerphone “forget” your messages after a power outage? Ever reached your mailbox capacity, stopping people from leaving you new messages? We’ve put a stop to that nonsense for good. Incoming messages are indefinitely and securely stored in your personal inbox. You will never have to delete a message again.

Personalised greetings made easy

Greetings that just work, no manual required. When you want to record a new greeting, click “Record Greeting” and sipgate Voicemail calls you on your phone to record the new greeting.

Secure and accessible

Whether in the office, at home or on the go, you will always have access to your voicemails. Your messages are securely stored online and protected against unauthorised access with a PIN. Did we mention that calling your voicemail to listen to new messages is free from the sipgate network?

Convenient and easy to use

As well as storing your messages permanently, we have some nice extras that make managing your voicemails even easier. You can “tag” a voicemail, leaving text notes on the message for future reference, you can forward the full message to someone else and you can categorise the message for easy reference.

Voicemail for call groups

sipgate lets you set up separate voicemails for different call groups. Every member of the group can listen to messages left on that voicemail. This is great if you work with multiple people on the same project.

Once centralised voicemail system

If you’re using multiple voicemail systems for home, office and your mobile, why not simplify your life and centralize your voicemail. sipgate Voicemail lets you manage messages left on your mobile phone, landline and VoIP phone and keeps it all in one place.

Forward messages

Now you can forward one of your voicemail messages to a colleague in a couple of clicks. You can even attach a short note to give them more context or background information on the message.

Make a professional impression

Your voicemail can make you look more professional if you make it easy for people to communicate effectively with you. For example, if you don’t pick up your office phone after 10 seconds, you can put the call through to your mobile phone. If you don’t pick up your mobile phone in the next 10 seconds, then you can forward the call to your voicemail.

Night shift

Night shifit have different voicemail requirements than the day shift? Set up time profiles to determine when calls are forwarded to your voicemail, like outside of regular business hours or on weekends.

Re-usable voicemail greetings

Holiday, business trip, Christmas – these are recurring events for which you could reuse your old voicemail greeting. sipgate Voicemail allows you to manage an unlimited number of greetings and you can switch them on and off with just a click of a button – no re-recording necessary.

SMS, Fax, or Email notifications

You already know you can listen to voicemails on the web and receive email alerts when you get a new message. But with Filters & Notifications you can do so much more. Let’s say you’re on holiday and you expect an important call from your most valuable client. Just set up a filter and we will fax your hotel’s reception to let you know you’ve got a message from them, so you can deal with it when you get back from the beach. Pretty cool, huh?

sipgate includes voicemail

Landline, web fax, sms, and much more – sipgate is everything in one or just what you need it to be. We’re not your conventional telephony provider – with us everything is online, immediate, and without complicated installations. Voicemail is just one of over 150 valuable features available with sipgate.

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