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Calls, faxes, voicemails – all your important information can be found in your inbox. You can archive and edit every conversation. If you save contacts from incoming messages, you can also build up a convenient contact list.

Use labels for a convenient overview

Imagine that you’re planning a holiday, a party or simply a meet up with friends: using labels you can label all the info relating to it and keep track of the big picture. You can see what has already been taken care of and what still needs to be done. Keep up with your busy professional and social life and “never” accidentally forget anyone like your boss or your mother-in-law. Simply create an accompanying label and all the messages will be clearly organised accordingly.

Everything accomplished?

Separate the old from the new: Your personal communication centre can be used as an organiser for your daily tasks. When a conversation is completed, you can mark the accompanying events to be archived. So now you’ve got a clear picture of what you’re finished with in your archive, as well as a clear view of what you still need to do from within your communication centre.

Keep others posted

Have you just recorded an important conversation? Have you received an important document such as a fax? Has someone left you an important message? Notify others about your conversations, faxes and incoming messages by Email. Additionally, you can directly respond to calls, faxes or messages from your inbox.

Summarise information

Adding a quick note to every important conversation gives you a really useful record of your communications. Perhaps you want to summarise the content of a conversation or highlight some important key points. Just select the message from your inbox, note down your thoughts, save and you’re done!

Access your contacts anywhere

Whether you’re at home, in the office, or on holiday, the inbox makes accessing your important information possible at any place or time. For each of your contacts you can add extra information such as phone numbers, addresses, URLs, personal notes and more. You can also share your contact list with members of your family or employees of your company.

Events that need special attention

Sometimes, some of your information needs special attention. To help you keep the most important information in sight, the inbox allows you to “star” the most important events. Just mark the chosen messages or contacts and with just one click each of these important items will appear highlighted in your inbox from now on.

sipgate including event lists

Landline, web fax, SMS, and much more – sipgate is everything in one or just what you need it to be. We’re not your convential telephony system – with sipgate everything is online immediate, and without complicated installations. The event list is just one of over 150 valuable features.

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