IVR – Interactive Voice Response

Voice menus for your telephony

Virtual Switchboard: How an IVR works

Firstly, a caller hears a voice menu, which is a recorded greeting listing a range of options (‘Press 1 for our opening hours, press 2 to speak with customer services’). The caller follows the voice prompt and selects one of the options with a key press. The caller is then connected with the appropriate destination, be that a recorded greeting, or the extension of a group or individual.

Greetings or Direction

Use a recorded greeting for standard requests, such as information about opening times. You can have up to 10 greetings, which can be selected by the caller via the voice menu. For other types of call, the IVR can act as a virtual switchboard or secretary to ensure your caller is put through to the correct person or department.

Creating an IVR

The IVR is part of the Pro Package, available as an optional extra in sipgate. After you have booked the Pro Package, you can set up your first IVR in your browser and give it a phone number. The Pro Package also includes Call Queues and Presence, for better call management.

Multilevel IVR

Create a multi-level IVR in order to help callers navigate to the correct person or greeting more easily, without having to hear too many options in one go. For example, a national retailer with several branches could create a two-level IVR: the first level listing all of the regional branches and then multiple second-level IVRs, one for each regional branch.

Increase customer satisfaction

Using an IVR can add value to your business by automating routing requests and thus freeing up time for deeper engagement with your customers.

Connect your entire company

You can connect an IVR to Users, Devices, Groups, Automated Greetings or other IVRs (to create multi-level IVRs). This means each employee can be made available, without having to disclose her extension.

sipgate team includes IVR

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