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1,000 minutes UK landline call package. 

mthly.  £5.90**
terminate at any time

Call rates (List)
sipgate to sipgate 0.00
United Kingdom landline 0.00
United Kingdom mobile 9.90
European landline from 1.30
European mobile from 10.40

Telephony Service

mthly.  £0.00*

Call rates (List)
sipgate to sipgate 0.00
United Kingdom landline 1.19
United Kingdom mobile from 1.30
European landline 9.90
European mobile from 10.40

  • ✓  VoIP-Phone Service
  • ✓  UK Phone Number
  • ✓  Voicemail
  • ✓  Web Administration

All chargeable calls are billed per minute and in p/min*.

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sipgate basic is like a regular landline, only better! The Feature Store has extra options to extend your sipgate account's functionality.

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  • Control costs with prepaid billing
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Frequently Asked Questions:

What costs are incurred if my sipgate number is called?

There are NO charges when you receive a call!

As with normal telephones, you aren't charged when someone calls you (except the costs of your Internet connection).

The caller will be charged at their service provider's normal rates.

Is there an itemised calls list?

Yes. An itemised list of the last 30 days calls is available online in your sipgate basic account. Choose between a complete call breakdown and an abridged overview.

Outgoing, chargeable calls will be recorded as follows: When? Where to? Duration? Cost?