Summer 2024

Now for Everyone:
The App That Thinks Ahead.

The newest version of sipgate CLINQ automates
time-consuming tasks for all users.
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The Productivity Booster
is Ready for the Entire Team

With this update, all users can use the latest technology setup in the sipgate cloud phone system. The app not only includes the familiar features of the latest softphones, it also significantly increases every user’s productivity through AI-driven features powered by GPT-4o and the connection to your CRM.

AI Documentation

Powered by AI, users can focus entirely on the conversation while the app records and analyses all content.

CRM Integrations

All contacts from your CRM are displayed directly in the app, allowing you to see which customer is calling before each call.

Connected Call Centre

The app works in the same way as any other extension in your sipgate Call Centre and the status of the users is displayed within the app.

We are pleased that we can now make the app available to all sipgate users – including all new features, simple CRM integration, and the latest generation of AI technology.

Streamline Your Team's Workflows

The new app improves your customer communications and saves time on every call.

Before the call

Know Customers Better

Whether it's incoming or outgoing, all important customer information is visible in the app before the call, meaning users are fully prepared for each one. Customers also no longer have to repeat themselves and experience more personalised support.

During the call

Focus on the Conversation

You can take notes as you talk. Or, you can let the app do the work for you by automatically creating summaries and analysing key topics.

After the call

Faster Call Wrap-Up

Conversations no longer need to be documented after a call. The app also recognises tasks that arise from conversations and generates suggestions for further action.

Start Calling Right Away with the App for Everyone

Download the new version of sipgate app CLINQ and use all the new features straight away - at no extra cost.

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What’s on the Horizon?

Improved collaboration within your teams will be at the heart of sipgate's upcoming features.

Channels for All Teams

Your teams work together on calls in one channel - all under one phone number.

Introducing the Smart Inbox

The inbox within the channels serves as a to-do list and as a central location for all important information.

New Role: Team Leads

Analyse the communication in channels, give feedback, and make quick adjustments.

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